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1Petrographic microscopeIframe Embedder
2ProteusImage Hotspots
4Question 2.4.1. and Figure2_4_1_Petrographic MicroscopesMultiple Choice
5Question 2.4.2. Petrographic MicroscopesMultiple Choice
7Petrology or petroleumTrue/False Question
8Three Branches of PetrologyAccordion
9Key Aspects of PetrologyAccordion
10Types of rock sectionsIframe Embedder
11Bloom's Taxonomy Question 1Multiple Choice
12Bloom's Taxonomy Question 2Multiple Choice
13Parts of the Petrographic MicroscopeImage Hotspots
14Figure 1.3.1 Geologic Applications of PetrologyImage Hotspots
15Test image overlay for thin sectionsImage Hotspots
16Question 2.4.3. and Fig_2_4_4_Light for the illuminatorTrue/False Question
17Question 2.1.1.Multiple Choice
18Question 2.2.1. Layers of a thin section.Drag Text
19Question 2.2.8. Put the steps of making a thin section in orderDrag Text
20Figure 2.4.3Image Hotspots
21Becke LinesAgamotto
22Figure 2.2.2 - Thin SectionsImage Hotspots
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