H5P activities list

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21Mohs Hardness Mineral Test 2Multiple Choice
22Mohs Hardness Mineral Question 3Multiple Choice
23Bowen's Reaction SeriesDrag and Drop
24Igneous TexturesDrag and Drop
25Intrusive or ExtrusiveDrag and Drop
26Definitions: Igneous Rock TexturesDrag Text
27Dilute HCl TestMultiple Choice
28Clastic Rocks: Immature or MatureImage Sequencing
29Sedimentary Rock Classification: Clastic, Biochemical, or Chemical?Flashcards
30Clastic Rocks: Angular or rounded clasts?Flashcards
31Clastic rocks: SortingFlashcards
32Metamorphic GradeImage Sequencing
33Foliated or non-foliated?Flashcards
34What is the protolith of each metamorphic rock?Drag Text
35slider testImage Slider
36collage testCollage
37Grand CanyonCollage
38Question 1Multiple Choice
39Question 2Multiple Choice
40Question 3Multiple Choice
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