How Supporting ELLs in FYC is Organized

Supporting ELLs in FYC is organized around five key essays, selected to coordinate with the essay styles commonly taught in first-year/first-semester composition courses.

This organization is planned to offer instructors the flexibility to best support the pacing of the composition course. There are 2 expository, 1 narrative, and 2 argument essays. Each module includes one essay, with accompanying activities and supporting materials.

  • Expository: Sweet, Sour & Resentful
  • Expository: Why Rituals Are Good
  • Narrative: Prison to Professor
  • Argument: Fake News
  • Argument: Misinformation

Each essay module includes activities to address each of the course goals:

Understanding Expectations [GOAL 1: Understanding academic writing assignments]

This section introduces students to the module, engages them in thinking about how to understand the assignment instructions and expectations, and has students practice asking and answering questions about assignments.

Read & Understand [GOAL 2: Read and understand college-level texts]

This section provides activities to help students practice reading strategies, preview comprehension questions, and analyze complex sentences for understanding.

Grammar Focus [GOAL 3: Develop sophisticated grammatical structures]

This section provides a grammar focus activity drawn from the module’s essay, and engages students in recognizing and correcting grammatical errors.

Vocabulary Focus [GOAL 4: Develop fluency with academic vocabulary]

This section provides a set of target vocabulary connected to the module’s essay and asks students to apply structural analysis skills.

Use of Evidence [GOAL 5: Develop strategies for use of evidence in academic writing]

This section provides students with practice in annotation, citation, paraphrase, and summary.

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