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Navigating the textbook in a browser

This video tutorial explains how to navigate Pressbooks on a computer:


It is a good idea to bookmark in your mobile and computer web browser, so you can easily access the textbook whenever you may need it.

Taking notes in an e-textbook

The most common way students interact with textbooks is by highlighting and writing notes in the margins. There are a number of options for taking notes in an e-book.

  1. Print out the chapter and write in it directly. Students will in my classes have printed out each week’s reading and put them into a 3-ring binder. Since this is a free and openly licensed textbook, you are allowed to make copies and share the textbook with anyone.
  2. Download the PDF. This is a good idea for students with inconsistent access to the internet. Download the PDF and then use a PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Reader, or Mendeley to write notes and comments to yourself about the textbook. Mendeley is probably the best option for keeping track of all of your notes.
  3. Install the annotation plugin for Google Chrome. allows you to make public highlights and comments on a webpage (visible to anyone with a account) or to highlight and comment in a private group. I suggest using a private group, either on your own or with classmates, to comment and highlight the web edition of the textbook.



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