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This textbook is part of the Open Social Work project. Open Social Work is dedicated to spreading open education, open access, and the practices that support them in social work education and research. Other social work open textbooks as well as resources for faculty who want to engage in open education are available at

Resources for students

Students can download the textbook in the following formats from this public folder of project files.

  • PDF for digital reading
  • PDF for printing and reading on paper
  • MOBI (for Kindle)
  • EPUB (for iBooks, nook, and other e-reading platforms)

Resources for faculty

Ancillary resource package

Faculty should contact (with documentation they are a faculty member) for a faculty course package that contains:

  • Quizzes
  • Slideshows
  • Homework assignments
  • Course calendar

Adopter’s survey

We would really appreciate for faculty who adopt this resource to fill out our short Adopter’s Survey which helps us track how this resource is used by the community and to ensure its long-term sustainability. Your information will not be shared with anyone beyond the research team nor will it be used in any research project.

Other books in this series

Other books in this series include BSW and MSW research methods open textbooks:

For open textbooks in other social work domains, consult Open Social Work’s list of open textbooks for social work.

Editing and adapting your own edition of this textbook

The authors would like people to adapt their own versions of our book.  You can easily customize this textbook for your classroom using Pressbooks.

  1. Download the XML file for this textbook.
  2. Create a Pressbooks account.
  3. Go to Tools/Import.
  4. Open this textbook’s XML file using the prompt.
  5. Your project will now be a clone of this textbook.  Take out whatever you want, add stuff, revise wording…do whatever you want with it.
  6. Make sure to abide by the Creative Commons license and provide proper attribution for all material from this resource (see Copyright Information and Attributions Index for examples).
  7. To publish your adapted textbook publicly, you will have to pay $99 to Pressbooks to host your book.
  8. Feel free to consult the BCCampus self-publishing guide.  You can also ask me at for help.  I’m genuinely happy to help!

If you make changes to the ancillary resources or textbook you feel the community would benefit from, or if you develop new resources, please consider sharing them with the the authors for inclusion in future editions of this textbook and on OER Commons or Merlot.  Please provide attribution following the best practices in the BCCampus Adaptation guide.

Community-created resources

  • Please send us any openly licensed resources you’ve created or used that we should share as part of this resource. These may include videos, activities, case studies, or other learning resources.
  • Student-created resources will be evaluated for inclusion in our appendix, and all students will be credited as authors and content creators.
  • Contact if you created resources you would like us to consider including as part of the textbook course package.


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Graduate research methods in social work Copyright © 2020 by Matthew DeCarlo, Cory Cummings, Kate Agnelli is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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