This is a physical science text intended for non-science majors that covers introductory chemistry and physics topics. Below are descriptions of the content found under different headings throughout the text, and how it is recommended that the reader approaches these sections.

Check Your Learning – Sections that begin with this subtitle are meant to gauge your understanding of the material. They usually include practice problems or comprehension questions, and it is highly recommended that you attempt to solve these without looking at the answer first.

LINK TO LEARNING – Sections that begin with this subtitle include links to simulations or websites that are included to apply and reinforce your knowledge of the topic. It is recommended that you follow directions (if given) on what to try within the simulations, but also that you investigate and explore the simulations on your own. Try to find concepts in the simulation that make more sense after reading about the physical or chemical science behind it.

Important Equations, Units, Concepts and Formulas can be found in the final section of the text, as well as their respective chapters.


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