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Navigating the web edition

If you’re looking at this in a web browser, you can navigate to each chapter by clicking the Contents button on the top left side of the screen.  If you’re looking at this on a mobile phone, click the Contents button at the top of the page.

Downloadable editions

If you prefer to read a downloadable copy of this textbook, please use the following links.

  • PDF (small file, intended for web distribution)
  • PDF (large file, intended for printing)
  • MOBI (for Kindle)
  • EPUB (for iBooks, nook)

You can also purchase a print copy of the textbook from PrintMe1.  The author does not receive any compensation from these sales, as this is a non-commercial work.

Notice errors in the textbook? Is the language hard to understand? Could an example be better? You can use the extension in Google Chrome or Firefox to provide annotations and comments. I’ve set up a group for student feedback.  Using Hypothesis, you can set up your own groups to take notes on the textbook in collaboration with other students.

Instructor resources

If you are an instructor adopting this textbook, please help us understand a little more about your class by filling out this form.  We value your feedback on the textbook.  Please use the annotation group for professors to provide comments that will be addressed in the next edition of the textbook, currently planned for Summer 2020.

The following ancillary resources for this textbook are available:

  • PowerPoint slideshows
  • A set of assignments that scaffold an individual research proposal as well as exemplars created by students for how to complete these assignments
  • Quizzes–please email with documentation that you are a research methods instructor

You can easily customize this textbook for your classroom using Pressbooks.  I would like people to adapt their own versions of this book.

  1. Download the XML file for this textbook.
  2. Create a Pressbooks account.
  3. Go to Tools/Import.
  4. Open this textbook’s XML file using the prompt.
  5. Your project will now be a clone of my textbook.  Take out whatever you want, add stuff, revise wording…do whatever you want with it.
  6. Make sure to abide by the Creative Commons license and provide proper attribution for all adapted material.
  7. To publish your adapted textbook publicly, you will have to pay $99 to Pressbooks.  It’s the same fee I paid to publish mine.
  8. Feel free to consult the BCCampus self-publishing guide.  You can also ask me for help.

If you make changes to the ancillary resources or textbook you feel the community would benefit from or develop new resources, please consider sharing them with the author for inclusion in future editions of this textbook and on OER Commons or Merlot.  Please provide attribution following the best practices in the BCCampus guide.

Publisher information

For more information on open educational resources, open textbooks, and open pedagogy in social work, visit Open Social Work Education.  Our goal is to create open resources for each course in social work!


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