40 Author Introduction-Francis Pastorius (ca. 1651-1720)

Jenifer Kurtz

Figure 1. Francis Daniel Pastorius

Francis Daniel Pastorius

Francis Pastorius, born in Germany, was a lawyer, educator,writer, and public official. Although he was born into the Lutheran church, his writings indicates that he grew dissatisfied with the policies and practices of this religious denomination early in his adulthood. In 1683, he purchased the land that would become Germantown, Pennsylvania. Not long after meeting William Penn (a German, a Quaker,  and the founder of the Pennsylvania colony), Pastorius converted to the Quaker faith. Not surprisingly, the Germantown colony consisted of many Quakers and Mennonites.  Pastorius was an active member of the leadership within the Germantown colony throughout his lifetime.


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