The authorship of OMT is not quite like other textbooks. This was a collaborative venture that brought together many people. The authors listed on our front cover wrote the majority of the chapters, but we have additional contributors that wrote some chapters as well. For this reason, each chapter of the book is attributed to the specific people who primarily authored that chapter.

The primary authors of the book were each responsible for leading the writing and editing of certain sections, as follows:


Many people contributed to this text beyond the authors. Their names and contributions are listed below.


The cover, logo, and related imagery were designed by Bethany Nistler. All rights reserved.

Financial Support

Version 2

Funding for Version 2 came primarily from a Course Redesign grant from Virginia’s Academic Library Consortium (VIVA).

Version 1

Major funding and technological support (including the building of the technology behind the interactive music notation modules found in Version 1) came from the team at Trinket.

The first major edition of OMT was made possible financially by a crowdfunding campaign in the summer of 2014. Many thanks to the donors who supported the project (listed on the about page of Version 1).


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OPEN MUSIC THEORY Copyright © 2023 by Mark Gotham; Kyle Gullings; Chelsey Hamm; Bryn Hughes; Brian Jarvis; Megan Lavengood; and John Peterson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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