Below is a list of major edits and improvements to OMT. Minor edits (fixing typos, adding worksheets, aesthetic changes, etc.) are not necessarily listed.

We will not make major changes to the textbook during the school year (September–May).

Summer 2023

Existing chapters edited

New Parts added

New Chapters added

Other small-scale changes (edits, etc.) are still being made.

Summer 2022

  • All chapters are line-edited for improved clarity, consistency, and accuracy. Thanks to Erin K. Maher for editing OMT!
  • The chapter “Half- and Whole-Steps and Accidentals” is now titled “Half Steps, Whole Steps, and Accidentals.” The URL is unchanged.
  • The chapter “Mi (scale degree 3) in the bass at beginnings” is now titled “The mediant harmonizing mi (scale-degree 3) in the bass.” The URL is now
  • Added Chapters in Development section, where authors will soft-launch new material to be added to OMT in future years.
  • Replaced M/m abbreviations for quality (major/minor) with ma/mi, which are more accessible for people using screen readers.


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